How we do it

We Support

We support refugees who are changing lives in their communities. We believe that the path to a poverty free world is founded on building community-level capacity.  We typically work with communities who have the greatest challenges yet the desire and the drive to enact change.  What they need are the tools, training, skills and initial support to tackle their specific development issues.

We Connect

We understand that a range of factors can influence individual and group ability to access support and services and those different groups can experience marginalisation and exclusion at different times. Solutions exist. We share them to change as many lives as possible.

We Advocate

We combine our learning and experience with the capacity, voice, and effectiveness of each of our member organisations to shape refugee policy and practice. Local communities are the experts when it comes to identifying practical ways to improve  their daily lives.  Our experience as SARLN has shown us that many communities hold an abundance of ideas for a better future.  We see our role as facilitating this process, offering technical advice and direction to help communities develop the solutions to lift up themselves.